We are a service led business. We don’t just supply products. First, we assess your needs, and then we consider the alternative and discuss the options with you. Next, we supply the right product – not just out of the box but often tailored to suit your needs. Finally, our after sales service and maintenance can ensure peace of mind into the future.

Mobility Service

Manchester Mobility stock, supply, service and maintain mobility solutions for a more active customer lifestyle. We can provide you with everything you need….


From standard to fully equipped scooters. We stock a wide range of scooters in a range of styles and specs to suit a variety of needs and tastes….


We have a range of wheelchairs available, manufactured to fit a range of needs, from sporting to comfort and day-to-day use…


At Manchester Mobility we stock an extensive range of leading brand powerchairs, which you can see a selection of on this page…

Adjustable Beds

Beds are not just for sleeping in – That’s what we believe at Manchester Mobility.We are able to supply you with range of adjustable beds…

Rise Recline Chairs

We have the perfect recliner for you – At Manchester Mobility, we are able to supply you with range of adjustable chairs that are useful for all clinical and postural conditions. Our experienced staff can help you to choose a chair if you’re unsure as to which will fit your needs best…

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